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 1000 Days at Sea
 JouBeh Technologies
The METOCEAN MetTrac Vessel Monitoring System is used to locate commercial and private vessels at sea. METOCEAN has donated two full MetTrac suites and all satellite data transmissions to the 1000 Days at Sea project. A MetTrac system has been installed on the Schooner Anne and the second system will remain on the schooner as a secondary back- up system.

The MetTrac system consists of a bi-directional satellite communicator, which transmits a vessel position report at specified intervals, a satellite communicator, a waterproof antenna, and an external battery pack in case of power failure. For this particular project, the MetTrac will transmit a position report once per day. The position reports are documented and displayed on the map at the right of this web page.

METOCEAN sincerely wishes Captain Reid Stowe the best of luck on his voyage. METOCEAN will continue to follow his travels over the next 1000 Days at Sea!
The voyage will begin crossing by the Atlantic Ocean and will follow the traditional trade routes of the square riggers in the Southern Hemisphere.
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